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Sales Training

The Binarix Epicentre Communication Training System™, is an adaptive range of tailored programs, which aim to assist sales teams to develop stronger relationships with their target audiences.

Developing and strengthening positive behaviours, attitudes and communication skills to unlock a team’s potential to plan and create sales opportunities.

A large part of ongoing development is to design and implement a process to measure a teams’ sales performance.

Client Outcomes

Binarix’s value to our clients is to develop key behavioural and communication skill outcomes.

Our success lies in our corporate culture learning and development methodologies, to develop training indicators from which we are able to directly measure the success of our training.

Performance Goals

Sales communication performance goals, are determined

as part of our assessment process, and vary from client to client.

Examples of client goals may include:

  • Developing a growth mindset with generating sales opportunities
  • Effectively utilise the organisation’s sales process
  • Manage objections effectively
  • Integrate email, telephone and face to face communication ‘Sales, Skills

and System’ processes to improve client growth and retention

  • Strengthen confidence, calm, positivity, empathy both in mindset and


  • Increase sales conversion rates
  • Create a pipeline of qualified sales opportunities
  • Streamline communication and working relationships between multiple ‘client focussed’ business units
  • Streamline sales management reporting systems
  • Develop advanced techniques with different types of sales presentations across electronic, phone and face to face platforms
  • Close sales