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To grasp the significance of developing a growth mindset in sales, is to firstly embrace the concept. It is the single most important sales training behaviour, to implement and practice, to achieve great success – not only in sales – in life itself. Best to start with understanding the difference between a fixed and growth mindset. Simply the difference is telling yourself “I can’t” versus telling yourself “I can”.
Yes, we all have the ability to become great leaders. Training to be great leader means asking yourself, “How willing am I to acknowledge that some of my current behaviours are not that of a great leader?”From our experience in working with leaders, we’ve identified three very specific behaviours they all share:Incredibly humble and authenticLove […]
In our experience, CX Teams are incredibly open and truly value customer service training, to strengthen their growth mindset and communication skills. They key behaviours, that we strive to achieve, is to always remain positive, calm and empathetic, when managing a challenging customer conversation on email, phone or face to face. CX Team members inherently […]