Sales Training

The Binarix Epicentre Communication Training System™, is an adaptive range of tailored programs, which aim to assist sales teams to develop stronger relationships with their target audiences.

Developing and strengthening positive behaviours, attitudes and communication skills to unlock a team’s potential to plan and create sales opportunities.

A large part of ongoing development is to design and implement a process to measure a teams’ sales performance.

Performance Goals

Sales communication performance goals, are determined

as part of our assessment process, and vary from client to client.

Examples of client goals may include:

  • Developing a growth mindset with generating sales opportunities
  • Effectively utilise the organisation’s sales process
  • Manage objections effectively
  • Integrate email, telephone and face to face communication ‘Sales, Skills

and System’ processes to improve client growth and retention

  • Strengthen confidence, calm, positivity, empathy both in mindset and


  • Increase sales conversion rates
  • Create a pipeline of qualified sales opportunities
  • Streamline communication and working relationships between multiple ‘client focussed’ business units
  • Streamline sales management reporting systems
  • Develop advanced techniques with different types of sales presentations across electronic, phone and face to face platforms
  • Close sales