Corporate Culture Training

The Binarix Epicentre Communication Training System™, is an adaptive range of tailored programs, which aim to assist teams to develop and strengthen positive behaviours and effective communication skills to truly ‘live’ an organisation’s corporate values.

Teams achieve these goals by learning positive behaviours by focussing on strengthening positive attitudes and communication skills, thereby creating an environment in which all team members feel actively inspired to ‘own’ their performance outcomes.

Performance Goals

Organisation communication performance goals, are

determined as part of our assessment process, and vary from client to client.

Examples of client goals s may include:

  • Develop and strengthen teams ‘living’ corporate values and culture
  • Develop and strengthen corporate culture metrics for Managers and Team for improved productivity
  • Develop and strengthen workplace thriving on solution focussed problem solving
  • Develop and strengthen ‘self-responsibility’ behaviours within teams
  • Develop and strengthen team communication confidence and skills
  • Develop and strengthen a dynamic and positive team environment
  • Develop and strengthen decision making within an organisation’s ‘Strategy, Skills and Systems’ framework
  • Develop and strengthen an innovative and adaptive business growth model
  • Develop and strengthen our willingness to work with other departments and add value to the client experience