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Leadership Training

The Binarix Epicentre Communication Training System™, is an adaptive range of tailored programs, which aim to assist Leaders to develop and strengthen “leadership” behaviours and effective communication skills within their Teams.

Leaders achieve these goals by learning how to develop and strengthen their behaviours, attitudes and communication skills. Leaders thereby create an environment in which all team members feel actively inspired to achieve their performance outcomes.

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Client Outcomes

Binarix’s value to our clients is to develop key behavioural and communication skill outcomes.

Our success lies in our corporate culture learning and development methodologies, to develop training indicators from which we are able to directly measure the success of our training.

Learning outcomes may include developing and strengthening:

  • Leadership communication, confidence and skills
  • Team communication, confidence and skills
  • Individual and team ‘growth mindset’
  • How to have a difficult conversation to achieve a positive outcome
  • Assisting leaders to define the areas of opportunity within their teams
  • Identifying triggers and unlocking motivators within their teams
  • Decision making within “Strategy, Skills and Systems” framework
  • Corporate culture metrics for Managers and Team for improved productivity
  • Workplace which thrives on solution focussed problem solving
  • Defining our strategy to work with other departments to achieve customer expectations and enhance the customer experience.