Sales Leadership Training

The “Be the Change to See the Change” Leadership Program aims to assist Managers and Team Leaders to develop key behaviours and communication skills to guide their teams to achieving their goals. Managers and Team Leaders achieve these goals by learning innovative leadership behaviours to create an environment in which all team members feel actively inspired to optimise their performance outcomes.

Measured Outcomes

The key behaviourial and communication skills outcomes we aim to achieve include;

  • To improve leadership confidence
  • To improve communication skills
  • To motivate staff positively for peak performance
  • To resolve team conflict positively
  • To create a dynamic and positive team environment
  • To delegate effectively
  • To implement and Measure Team Performance KPIs for improved accountability
  • To facilitate “outcomes” based Team Meetings
  • To identify and manage “non – performing ” staff to improve performance
  • To improve time management skills

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