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Yes to being a great leader

“Creating Wisdom through Sharing”


Great news: we all have the ability to become great leaders. In leadership training programs we ask: how willing, and comfortable, are we to learn of behaviours where we are absolute in strengthening to become a great leader.


What is Great Leadership?

Great leaders consciously focus on three areas to achieve sustainable, dynamic and successful teams in how they motivate to optimise productivity:

  1. How they make each team member feel….
  2. How they communicate
  3. How they act

Here at Binarix, we continue to have the privilege to work with leaders seeking to strengthen and develop key leadership behaviours to inspire, motivate and drive their team to exceptional performance.

From our experience, we’ve identified three specific behaviours which truly define, how great leaders behave and who are constantly seeking new ideas on strengthening these behaviours:

  1. They are incredibly humble and authentic
  2. They love and value learning
  3. They have an absolute belief in the potential of their people

Whilst this is not an exhaustive list of traits, these are clear standouts, and yes these traits can be learnt. The reason why, is because great leaders ‘truly value learning to improve’ which gives them the clarity, confidence and motivation to drive change within their teams to always strive for ‘smarter’ way of doing everything.

Examples of a Great Leader

Continually working with leaders, within the Binarix Leadership Program over 20 years, we’ve found a direct correlation between thriving organisations and leaders who have an absolute commitment to integrating “Strategy, Team and Systems”.


We’ve followed Mr John Chambers, former CEO at Cisco and currently CEO at JC2 Ventures business success for over 10 years and really love his style of leadership as a great example of great leadership, which he broadly defines as:



  • ‘Walk the talk’ every moment to create a “care” and “disruptive” culture.
  • Foundation of success is the combination of “culture, strategy, communications”.
  • Adapt and embrace the speed of change and innovation – “you can’t have speed with a replicable process”.

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How to Measure your Leadership?

Enjoy completing Binarix Leadership Assessment Guide, which may assist your learning journey for the future:

Continuing your Leadership Journey

Be absolutely kind to yourself, as you continue to learn and understand the leadership process.

The key with developing your leadership potential is to;

Firstly – Acknowledge that there is an opportunity to develop your skills
Secondly – Identify where you may wish to focus
Thirdly – Identify how you wish to progress from here.

Congratulations! You’re on your way

You’re most welcome to contact Binarix to discuss your key leadership challenges on
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