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Why must I absolutely have a growth mindset to be successful in sales?

“Creating Wisdom through Sharing”

To grasp the significance of developing a growth mindset in sales is to firstly understand, as per our sales training, ‘what is it’ and how, it is the single most important behaviour to achieve success – not only in sales – in life itself.

Best to understand ‘what’ by understanding the difference from Carol Dweck, author of Mindset:The New Psychology of Success:

1. How to Train “Growth Mindset”

Professor Carol Dweck has pioneered our understanding on how to develop our growth mindset.
We love her work and most importantly her ability to explain very clearly “why” it’s a critical area of our behavioural development and “how” to achieve it.

Enjoy Carol’s sharing the scientific evidence, to prove how we learn pathways to develop behaviours and how we are able to “unlearn” negative behaviours which are created when our foundation is a “fixed mindset”



So many more stories to help develop our perspective on growth mindset



Here Carol talks about her research with Top Fortune 500, and how becoming “growth mindset” company, is the very foundation of retaining talented, motivated and team playing employees


2. How to Unlock your Sales Potential with a “Growth Mindset”

A sales role within an organisation is one of the most “dynamic” as you’re the frontline to working with both potential and current clients to grow the business. This responsibility comes with challenges.

Incredibly successful sales professionals will tell you, that the key to their success is not finite, meaning that they are constantly evolving and learning – yes they have learnt that having a growth mindset is key.

Our absolute belief here at Binarix is that all team members who are part of the sales team, have the potential to love sales and learn key principles on ‘strategy, skills and systems’.

Key areas to focus on as a sales professional include:

Step 1 – Increase Self Awareness

      • Increasing your self-awareness on areas to improve – review reasons for lost sales and ask prospective clients the reasons as to why you were unsuccessful as well as asking your team leader and peers for their feedback.
      • With feedback, receive positively as an opportunity rather than interpret as criticism.

Step 2 – Access Training, Mentorship, Coaching

      • Training – To develop your skills:
        • Growth Mindset
        • A Sales Plan, Sales Process and KPIs
        • Communication Skills – Email, Phone and Face to Face
      • Mentorship – You have these skills and you’re wishing to develop your confidence to apply these skills successfully.
      • Coaching – You have the skills and you’re wishing to develop great habits through an “encouragement and accountability” process.

Step 3 – Always and Continue to Encourage You

3. Our Great Sales Teachers

Yes there are all around us. People, Books and Conversations.

  1. People You Know:
    • They genuinely acknowledge and care about the person who is negative as they understand that the path to trust is to firstly “listening to understand”, not to judge.
    • Once they understand our perspective on the problem we trying to solve, they share ideas with you on how to “solve your problem”, always making you feel assured and trusting of your solution.
    • They actually live the values of “care”, “listening” and “helpful”.
  2. Books to Read……here are some of the best as a start:









3. Conversations to have – Master your skills with challenging conversations:

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