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Care is what the customer buys

“Creating Wisdom through Sharing”

In your organisation’s customer service training, ponder this one thought: when you drill down to the reasons why a customer buys from us, there is one underlying driver: “how are you making me feel in helping me solve my problem?”.


Knowing that this is how a customer measures our company, look no further than at testimonials and on line reviews for proof. The business case is clear for ensuring we strive for a culture of absolute care.


  • Absolute Care about how you make your customer feel when communicating value for you
  • Absolute Care that you deliver on your promise.
  • Absolute Care in how you manage their concerns, questions, and requests.


We love John Boccuzzi’s, Jr words of wisdom….


The Business Case for “Care”

There are multiple studies which provide us with a clear business case, to focus on ensuring that we make every customer interaction an exceptionally valued experience:


Thankfully there is a Solution


When customers contact an organisation, they communicate their message in many different ways depending upon how they feel; including:

  • Asking a Question
  • Making a Statement
  • Making a Compliant
  • Giving Feedback
  • Being Demanding
  • Being Objectionable
  • Making a Request

Knowing how to manage a negative communication in a positive way is key to achieving, exceptional customer service experience. Customers measure great service by how willing we are to assist them”, not by “how much we know”.

One of ways to quickly identify how your organisation is progressing with developing and strengthening your customer experiences is to complete our 2 minute Read, Rate and Act “Customer Experience Assessment” Tool

The Binarix “Customer Experience Assessment” Guide


Our experience in working with 1000s of customer care team members over a 20 year period is that 99% of customer service professionals are keen and they care.

This means that they’re starting from a positive learning platform, with our focus on mindset and communication training, taking them on a learning journey from “good” to “great” in providing exceptional customer experiences.


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