About Us

Our Vision

Every person in the workplace to love their work, by realising their potential to be brilliant business communicators, while being their authentic self.

Our Mission

Create easy, accessible, adaptable and supportive learning pathways for business communicators to feel confident, positive and effective in achieving their outcome in every business interaction.

Our Values

Our Clients

speak, we listen to understand

seek support, we show care

ask our ideas, we share our knowledge

impart their vision, we innovate and create

express how best to work with them, we adapt

share their challenges, we share experiences, and work together to create solutions

wish for learning to be easy, we bring enjoyment and fun, along with achievements

How We Are Different?

The Binarix Epicentre Communication Training System™, is an adaptive range of tailored programs, which aim to assist teams to develop and strengthen positive behaviours and effective communication skills to truly ‘live’ an organisation’s corporate values.

Teams achieve these goals by learning positive behaviours by focussing on strengthening positive attitudes and communication skills, thereby creating an environment in which all team members feel actively inspired to ‘own’ their performance outcomes.

Our comprehensive client engagement process to analyse their organisational ‘strategy, skills and systems’ roadmap, is key to our planning processes. Our core objective is to ensure that our tailored learning programs are aligned to our client’s business growth strategies.

Training Principles

Active Learning’ and ‘Critical Thinking’ are two learning components that form the foundation to our programs.

Our continuous improvement practices, in refining our learning programs, have proven that these principles are the most effective, in building new work habits and behavioural patterns within teams.


The Binarix team of training facilitators are highly experienced in all aspects of business communication. This experience has been gained from working many years in Leadership, Sales and Customer Experience roles.

In other words, our facilitators have experienced the varying management styles of designing and executing communication strategies. We have refined these styles to develop our Binarix communication learning principles.

The success we have experienced with clients, is as a direct result of our teams partnering with key stakeholders within our client organisations to analise, design communication strategies and drive measured outcomes.

Your Binarix facilitator is an experienced and effective communication specialist.